Well, here I go…

Well, here I go….God has led and I am attempting to obey.  Where to begin????….I have been on a journey of healing from the inside out for 27 years now, beginning with the birth of our second daughter…who is, you guessed it, 27 years old, miraculously doing well (as is our first daughter) and is now expecting her first child.  Healing from what you may ask….and I answer, healing from sexual abuse by my father and alcohol abuse by my mother (among other things)…and as many of you know, these wreak havoc on the inside of your person….all of the insides…spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, soul, heart… you name it, havoc has been wreaked upon it.  Shattering, heart breaking, gut wrenching, soul destroying havoc.  But I know a Healer who has picked up the pieces and knit me back together, who has gently held my heart and taken me through valleys, chasms, caves and unspeakable darkness into openness and light.  He is my counselor and guide, as He renews my mind and changes my thinking, giving me hope instead of despair, a crown of beauty instead of ashes, gladness instead of mourning.

He is the gift I have to share with you.  He is the only One who can speak to the depth of your pain, who knows the path you need to walk to freedom and can give you the power to take that journey.  He is Jesus.


3 thoughts on “Well, here I go…

  1. I love this personal testimony and the confidence in God’s love that you express in this blog!
    His healing grace fills the cracks and smoothes the scars left from our life experiences…blessings to you and I pray that God will use this blog to bless others…

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