Ode to a mentor

Technically this won’t be an ode; it will be a tribute….I am not good at poetry…but Ode sounds much more romantic.  I have had a mentor for maybe the past 20 years, sometimes we met intensely, especially in the first years, lately we meet once in a while, but the deep connection is still there.  Gifts she has given me:  herself, her prayers, wisdom, time (no matter when I could call her….I limited that gift to daytime when my nights got unbearable…my husband bore the brunt of that), understanding, experience, the gifts God has given her….and ultimately, the best Gift, God Himself.  She walked with me in places where the pain, depression and anxiety was so great I wanted to die (so glad God said no to that plea), coming along side of me, letting me have my pain, knowing in wisdom she couldn’t take it away and the best thing she could do for me was pass through it with me.  Then I could come out the other side, made a little more whole by the gentle, loving hands of the great Physician.

Thank you, Kaye, for being you and for walking beside me.  Happy Birthday….may your day be greatly blessed.


One thought on “Ode to a mentor

  1. I am blessed to have the privilege of being your friend…you are amazing and I know that you have taken the grace that God has shared with you and gifted it to others! That is what you are also doing in this blog. Love and prayers to you as you follow God’s lead.

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