Are the birds a gift?

Does God work in the small things?  Does God speak His love to us in normal every day conversations/readings/events?  Read the following and ponder.

I met some friends last night at a local restaurant for what is becoming a monthly get together event.  They (delightfully) gave me positive feedback on my blog attempt, and then one said, “Your birds are a gift.”  I looked at her puzzled, trying to put together in my mind about what she could possibly be talking.  After going back and forth with her a bit, the light dawned (sometimes I am a bit slow)…ooohhhh, my chickadees!  Then she proceeded to tell me how, on a day that could have been very traumatic, seven male cardinals came and perched on her bird feeder.  At the same time.  Seven.  (I don’t know how male cardinals act at your bird feeders, but they fight for their territory at mine.  I get one at a time, and even his mate eats on the ground while he is on the feeder.)  Later that day, she found out that the very ill pregnant girl for whom she had been caring for eight months, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl (the child who’s health she had been worrying about for 8 months).  Were the cardinals a gift…a foretaste of the joy to come?

This morning (doing some reading in my bathroom library…really, Lord, do you want me to talk about THAT?) I was perusing Andree Seu’s article called The cross in the stone in World Magazine (love her and love the magazine).  I was astounded by what she wrote, “I am not interested in gobbledygook.  Either let me be a clean Deist and say that God wed us to Himself and then ditched us in the parking lot of the church to fend for ourselves; or let me declare that it is really the Lord who sends the cardinals I love when I need cheering up.”

Really, God?  You are so good.  You speak to me during my bathroom reading, you speak to me in normal, every day conversation, you speak to me in the gift of the chickadees.  That is my conclusion….no, that is my knowing.  God is speaking to you today.  Will you listen?


3 thoughts on “Are the birds a gift?

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  2. It reminds me of the story in the book you gave us for Christmas when the boy asked for a rainbow because he missed God and so God sent him a rainbow. I feel like their is some sort of connection with having child like faith and plainly asking for what we need and God seeing what we need and having him supply it for us.

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