To reassure

To those who may be become worried about me after reading what I post, I would like to thank and also reassure.  Thank you for your concern and prayers; you are a blessing to me…if anything that I write in anyway encourages you and points you to Jesus, the Great Healer, then I am content.  Please know in your hearts that I am OK.  The things of which I write, the process I am in, is second nature to me now.  It is my life, my walk.  God has strengthened me to a point where I am able to handle (through His Spirit) those places where He takes me…not without some internal emotion, but it is now a far cry from those days when pain would over take me, and I would be devestated by revelations.  At this point, I can thank Him in the midst of it and continue about my days with a deep peace and grateful heart (generally).  It is good for me to write this blog, because I see how far He has brought me.  Thank you, my God.


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