Widgets, catagories and tags

I am not a technology person….I know what I know so I can do what I want to do.  And that is all I want to know, thank you very much.  (Kudos to those to whom the language of technology is music to their ears.)  So, here I sit at the computer trying to make my way through wordpress.com to enhance my blog and to increase its usability (which means, according to Wickapedia, the ease of use and learnability of a human-made object…I didn’t know learnability was a word).  I have activated widgets and created categories (with the help of my clear thinking, organized husband)….but what in the world are tags, how are they best used, how do they fit in the scheme of things and what do you call them???  After days of on and off pondering, I have seen the light…and I lift my hands with joy to my Lord and shout Hallelujah!  (I know He laughs with me.)  He has opened my eyes and helped me to understand!  Silly?  I think not.  To Him even the small things in life are important…for He can use all things to increase our knowledge of Him and learn of His love for us.  So whether revealing hidden secrets of my soul or hidden secrets of technology, He speaks to me and moves my heart to sing His praise.


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