Out on a limb

Not wanting to jump to conclusions, I have waited.  In part two of Will she sleep or won’t she sleep, that is the question, I spoke of God working in me that night, expanding the boundaries of my soul and causing the skewer of fear to retreat from my gut to my heart.  But, I had questions as the next day unfolded….did it really happen…would it be lasting…if it was real, how would it affect (or not affect) those sleeping hours….would other fears rear their ugly heads in the dark….and, the question that haunts many of us, WHAT WOULD PEOPLE THINK if nothing changed after I proclaimed my Maker’s healing work?  Would the limb of faith on which I had gone out hold?  Knowing you were concerned, I still waited.  I wanted to have at least a week’s worth of nights under my belt (or under my pillows) before (hopefully) affirming that God does indeed work in miraculous ways His wonders to perform.

The first night following I approached the open door with trepidation.  Would that room still be filled with unseen darkness from the past in spite of Edison’s glowing invention?  (Like shining a flashlight at the mouth of a cave…little is done to dissipate the lurking shadows.)  I stepped in.  Something was different.  My heart ached, yet the air felt lighter; oppression seemed to have lifted.  Tentatively I lay there, thoughts flitting about, periodic fear darts again trying to penetrate my soul.  With my new inner boundaries I pushed back…Oh!….the flaming arrows bounced off.  Really.  Hmmmm…that was interesting.  There seemed to be a strength and largeness in the core of my being which had not been there before; something indeed was different.  Night followed night repeating the same pattern…fear darts became fewer.  And, I slept well.  

After this past week, I will go further out on the limb of faith (which sometimes feels as though it will break, and I will fall just like Wile E. Coyote of Road Runner fame) and declare again that my God is real, He does indeed work healing with great compassion and mercy and when He acts, who can reverse it?  No one….no force on earth and no force in the spiritual realm.  The step is done; it is finished.  Will there be more steps to take, more battles to be fought, more yielding to be done, more healing from the inside out?  Oh, yes.  My God loves me too deeply to let me stay the same.  He has promised to carry on to completion the good work He has begun in me. (Philippians 1:6)  And, I have given Him permission to do so.


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