A burden lifted

Staggering across the room and almost falling after getting out of bed, I felt I had lost my equilibrium; my left and right side seemed to be out of sync.  I was like a boat sailing close hauled to the port side (I just learned from Wikipedia that means I was sailing with my sails tightly trimmed with the boat leaning heavily to the left…all you sailors out there, correct me if I am wrong :)) fighting to stay upright in a strong wind.  My right side felt looser, gangly, almost longer; my left side more tense and compact, as if the right side of a tall person had been joined with the left side of someone shorter.  What is going on, I puzzled silently to myself.   Then I recalled my experience of the day before when, through the power of forgiveness, a heavy emotional burden had been lifted from my shoulders.  Having encountered physical sensations in conjunction with previous healings, my thoughts made the connection, and I guessed I knew the answer to my internal question.  Chuckling to myself and feeling like a peg-legged old sea tar, I made my way to a mirror to see if indeed I was as off-kilter as I felt.  I appeared to be standing up straight…as I considered my reflection I wondered, am I more erect than usual?

Physical therapy for my right shoulder and general therapeutic massage had revealed tightness in my right side much greater than in my left.  I attributed this to being right handed and accepted it as just a fact of life.  But, now I wondered, perhaps there was more to my lopsided tension than met the eye.   I knew I tended to always carry my head tilted to the right and my right shoulder more forward and higher than my left.  Had I been holding my body as if cradling an emotional object as one might cock one’s head and hunch a shoulder to hold a phone?  And, was that emotional object gone after yesterday’s bondage breaking?  Sense would be made of what I was experiencing if my observations were correct.  Over the next few days, I continued to see indications that this was true.  Even as I type, I am enjoying a sense of space and relaxation between my head and my right shoulder as I have not felt before. 

Just now, a day later as I am editing my draft, another thought has come to me.  Could it be I was carrying an actual oppressive object on my right shoulder from the spiritual realm?  Is it possible this burden was actually lifted through forgiveness and bondage breaking?  Yes is my answer.  There is definitely a spiritual dimension around us beyond what we can perceive.  There is definitely an evil one, and there are definitely powers of darkness.  And, Jesus definitely has defeated those forces and given us the power through His name to live in victory over them.  I don’t know if that is what occurred, but it is a possibility.

So, what does this all mean?  It means that as I am being healed internally, I am also being freed in my body and in the spiritual realm.  It means I can look forward to more and more liberty as God continues His work within me.  It means I truly do have a caring God, who is more powerful and higher than any other ruler or authority, who is at work in my everyday life, who is trustworthy and who loves me beyond what I can imagine.  And, it means I have hope through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


2 thoughts on “A burden lifted

  1. Kathy, I finely caught up on all your posts! They are such a blessing to read and I thank you for sharing your thoughts! God is doing a great work in/through you. Love ya and God bless.

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