Is the body connected to the mind, emotions and spirit? – onward in victory – part 9

Consider this story…

While working on the usual tense spot on my neck (the place he had once called an old wound), my physical therapist commented with some excitement that it had become more pliable.  Assuming he noticed a difference from my last appointment, I began an answer based on that thought.  No, he interrupted, I mean it changed right now….as he was probing and pressing.  Astonished and chuckling at the irony, I shared with him my mental process at that moment.  I had been visualizing kicking my Dad in his most sensitive area over and over again…with anger and force…in retaliation for all he had done to me. 

Aside from the obvious fact that I still had some anger issues toward my Dad (!), this demonstration of the relationship between my mind and my body was amazing.  With excitement I realized this was further proof in my immediate experience of that which I already knew to be true. 

So, I’m just sayin’….reflect on the evidence and marvel at how interconnected and how “fearfully and wonderfully made” we are. (Psalm 139:14)


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